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        Sleeping is a serious business. So we are out to make sure that you will have the best overnight experience at KLUB Hotel. Here you will find 4 room types: Suite, Premier, Quattro, and Deluxe. Each accommodation carry a theme of your preference.

Deluxe - Neverland

Sweet sweet baby cradle for those who want to enjoy it again. A mid-sized (23 square meters) studio with cradle themed bed for two so both of you can have a good night sleep. Perhaps tonight you may relive the vague memories of those early days when life was so simple. When life was just a warm fuzzy mix of love and lullaby.

Deluxe - Dreamland

Holidays are always full days of fuss and fun. We know. So after it all, what’s more suitable than a comfy room (23 square meters) designed to gently soothe you into a night of sweet dreams.

Deluxe - Couch surfers

Everyone loves pajama party. Oh, those happy days when we frequently end up crashing the sofa. A 23 square meters studio with two single beds wrapped by a couch themed headboard together forms a jovial mood for the room.

Premier - Sleepy fish

Thai people hang mobile carps around babies’ cradles to sooth and comfort them. The design of this room plays on this Thai tradition with a unique blend of Thai-ness and the Metro-urban life style. The 24 square meters corner room comes fitted with a Queen-sized bed, and all the comforts you can expect from a hotel room.

Suite - Tubby baby

Our best room. Bath tub. King-sized bed. Big window. Lots of natural light. We know you’ve been through a lot in your day, so here, we’ve pulled all the stops in trying to get you fully refreshed and ready for your next day. We trust that you will find our 27 square meters Suite adequately spacious with a light comfortable feel.

Quattro - Sheepland

Quattro – that’s 4 in Italiano. Well, you guessed it. It’s a fun room of about 27 square meters that will accommodate up to 4 travelling buddies on bunker beds. We created this room because we want you to enjoy the funs and games that happen when buddies flock together.